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FDA-Approved Drug Library Mini

Cat. No.: HY-L022M
Library Contents: XLSX PDF

A unique, ready-to-use collection of 1557 marketed drugs for high throughput screening (HTS) and high content screening (HCS)。

FDA-Approved Drug Library Mini
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1   Can we centrifuge the whole rack?

Yes。 It is advised to centrifuge all of the samples before experimental use。 Recommended centrifugation for this plate is 1000g or less。

2   How can I use the 2D barcode on the microplate lid?

Use an HD barcode scanner to scan the barcode, and then find the corresponding plate and compound information in the Excel or the provided hard copy.

3   What are the appropriate compound storage conditions?

For solutions, store at -80°C. For some special compounds, specific handling instructions are provided.

4   After receiving the compound library, the ice box has melted, will this affect the efficacy of thecompound?

MCE products are primarily chemical synthesis products which are not temperature sensitive. The ice boxes inside of the packages are used to prevent the occurrence of extreme temperatures during the process of transportation, and a melted icebox will not affect the reagent quality. After transit, the icebox is no longer needed.

Product Details
A collection of 1557 marketed drugs supplied as pre-dissolved DMSO solutions
96 Well Microplate With Peelable Foil Seal
Blue ice

FDA-Approved Drug Library Mini

Source: MedChem Express

Contents of FDA-Approved Drug Library Mini
XLSX (474 KB) PDF (205 KB) Library Handling Instructions (351 KB)


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FDA-Approved Drug Library Mini

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